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                  • 12/21 Signed the technology licensing ag...

                    In August 2015, company signed the technology licensing agreement of BM6 Plus with Schneider ele...

                  • 12/16 New Stage, New Looks!

                    On July 8, 2015, Chongqing Wangbian Electric (Group) Corp., Ltd. got be approved by National Equ...

                  • 12/16 The World First High Altitude Elec...

                    The first 5000 meters high altitude clearance discharge test was held in the qinghai-tibet plate...

                  About Us

                  Chongqing Wangbian Electric (Group) Corp., Ltd, with total registered capital of RMB184.90 million Yuan, founded in 1994, was established through shareholding system reform of the former Chongqing Wangjiang Transformer Factory Co., Ltd in 2...